1. pauline says

    What a beautiful blog with gorgeous photos! Will definitely try taberna da rua das floras! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Jan says

    great blog and beautiful inspirational photo’s. I’m in Lisboa right now and visited your blog few times for inspiration.
    Going for the taberna da rua das Flores, looks like a great place! But there are so, so many great places to visit over here. Lissabon stole my heart.

    Greetings from Alfama :-)

  3. Jeni says

    Beautiful photos. Very natural. I found your blog whilst researching Lisbon (my husband and I will be going for our first time in a few months). We found Teatro de Garagem through you, so we’re excited about checking it out. By the way, that blue food truck is so charming – where is that? Any other food places/cafes you can recommend?

  4. Lily says

    Daniel your pictures have a lovely stillness…..I will be visiting Lisbon soon and will hopefully enjoy your recommendations. Thanks for sharing your pics!

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